Apple Store @ Meatpacking District

When you are a Turkish traveler abroad - and especially if you're subscribed to a blood-sucking GSM operator - finding free wi-fi is a blessing at times of getting in touch with home - and pretty much anyone else physically out of reach.
Still, visiting an Apple Store always has a bit more to it than simply checking your e-mail, facebooking, tweeting or skyping. (Those of you who've seen - or heard, for that matter - the Apple store on 5th Avenue has been to the living proof of that).

But my tip is a bit on the unconventional side: I will suggest you manage pulling your eyes off the iPhone's infectious retina display screen and take a look around when you are to the Apple Store at Meatpacking District.
Chances are slim you'll ever see another one with such cool, industrial and un-white setting again.

The Beatles. Now on Itunes. Hail to thee.
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