What New York stands for in your mind could really be Manhattan. Don't worry, that goes for nearly everyone else traveling your same road. But Manhattan's not it - at least not all of what there is to experience once you are all the way in New York. 

Here, I obviously won't be advocating Harlem or the Bronx or anywhere else I practically haven't made the time to see for my own eyes; but what I will insist on would be that Brooklyn deserves some bit of your attention. And maybe half of one of your days. 

Here's a route for beginners:

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge is obviously a bliss; but I don't suggest you risk getting a serious cold if it's winter time. Just take the subway and walk down the beautiful Cadman Plaza Park to reach the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn's New York's biggest borough. No wonder its streets are  evidently much wider.

Brooklyn Bridge 

Audience enyoying the southern Manhattan view from down below.

The city skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge Park

A familiar silhouette, anyone?

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