Central Park

Central Park is where residents of New York City, as much as every other visitor from various parts of the world actually, gather to take a big, deep breath - as doing so anywhere else in town is practically close to poisonous. 

But once you are in Central Park, you'll see it's too heavenly a place to demote to purposes of healthy inhaling alone. If a whole entertainment industry alone had not stamped Central Park as the most prominent New York City landmark on an entire universe's memory; you'd have hard time believing that while strolling through the lovely alleys alongside the Bethesda Fountain, you're actually still in New York.

Known after its most renowned resident John Lennon, The Dakota.

Had John Lennon lived to this day, this is the famous Strawberry Fields he would see every morning from his apartment window.

Lennon's spirit seems to be lingering here still
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