Madison Square Park & Shake Shack

When you come to think about it, with so many skyscrapers and some real horrid construction examples around, New York is still a lucky city in terms of having more than a few organic recreation spaces like parks. Well, they aren't absolutely the most natural creations of God you'll ever see, but seeing a few green spaces for a change isn't something that exactly hurts in New York, is it? Well, Madison Square Park does seem like another well-built green city reserve, but to some carnivorous tummies out there, the delicious burger place Shake Shack located right in the middle is one big reason to single it out.  

All right. Fake's never as good as the real stuff. But when it's almost December and there's obviously still more sun to glow, who can blame a few layers of fake snow to arouse the holy Christmas spirit? 
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