Bleecker Street

This is one street in New York whose fame and glamour by far exceeds its lenght; Bleecker Street stretches downward from Meatpacking to Greenwich Village and will end before you fully grasp how beautiful and inspiring it was and how badly you wish you lived there. 

Not more than a few hundred meters as a whole, Bleecker Street basically is the compilation of a couple of opulent designer shops, a Magnolia Bakery, after which the street's pretty much famous- hail to SATC!, and of course the 'can't-go-without-mentioning' SIX independent stores by Marc Jacobs - special attention for Bookmarc and Little Marc. My personal regards to the person who can walk out of the total six of them empty handed.

But never mind the stores. Bleecker Street's not about shopaholicsm (just made up). You simply need to get there to get the good feeling.

Children's stores are particularly adorable at Bleecker Street

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